vintage volkswagen in indonesia

this blog contains a brief description of the existence of vintage Volkswagen in Indonesia ranging from early 90s to early 2000 were taken from several exhibitions organized by local clubs as well as those held by Volkswagen Indonesia (jamboree) (latest up date from end of 2013 - 2014)
there are many exhibits are missing or not fully covered in this blog due to lack of time and opportunity to cover it
but hopefully with a little picture presented in this blog can help give you an idea of vintage volkswagen situation in Indonesia
and more importantly, I hope you can enjoy the content from this blog

best regard from Indonesia

kepada rekan-rekan pemilik kendaraan, mohon maaf atas penayangan foto-foto mobilnya,
hal ini semata-mata untuk menunjukkan pada dunia seperti apa vintage volkswagen di indonesia.
terimakasih atas pengertiannya dan mohon maaf (lagi) bila ada kekurangan serta kesalahan didalamnya.